Pictured at NITC: This affirmative team rose to be the 2015 #1 Champions on http://SpeechRanks.com. On the far left is Taryn Murphy, [2016 and 2017 National Champion of NITOC!

Drills and coaching are well worth the energy right before NITOC. Debaters are rusty, a month from their last tournament, and they could use the prep time with top-quality coaches right before their big week. We've all worked hard to make this fun, educational, and affordable.

Payment is available through Paypal, Credit Card, or Check. The fee structure for Stoa NITC:

Debate Students: $300

Includes coaching, Saturday dinner, and Final Installment

This is the flatline price for the instruction, coaching, and meals during camp. This also includes a digital copy of The Final Installment, the most sought after stack of flows and briefs a debater can seek out. All debaters competing in NITOC must pay the $300 tuition, but others (siblings, speech students, coaches, parents) do not need to pay this fee.

Monument Members: $100 off

Are you a current Monument Member? You've already invested much into the entire ministry of Training Minds, and you're getting a big discount. Your registration will apply when you check off your membership, and we will validate your name and email to your membership.

NOTE: One membership only applies to one discount. If a membership is shared by debate partners, the $100 discount will need to be shared as well.

Final Installment: FREE!

Printed copy for all registered students.

As you know, Monument Members enjoy weekly installments all the way up to NITOC. NITC debaters get much more! All unpublished briefs that didn't make it to the online member releases will be included in this special "Final Installment." For policy debaters, Vance Trefethen continues writing briefs all the way up to NITOC, and NITC students get access to it all. For Lincoln-Douglas debaters, Joe and Chris assemble case and application flows for a strong representation of value debate arguments heading into NITC.

These cases and briefs are printed and 3-hole-punched for debaters to add to their tournament binders. They will be available for pick-up when they arrive.

Others: FREE!!!

Saturday lunch $10 Extra

If you are attending with your family and they'd like to come hang in the sessions, they are more than welcome. This could include siblings, speech students who aren't qualified in debate, coaches, and parents. Be sure to add these charges when you register (extra Saturday dinners are $10 each).