Don't let the "crazy" picture fool you. These debaters did awesome the following week!


I could tout all day about how awesome NITC is, but nothing will ever come close to hearing straight from the students (and parents!) themselves. Check out our Training Minds Testimonials page for years and years of student testimonies, but for now, check out these glowing reviews...

"I’ve attended NITC for two years and its the best part of my National experience! Not only did my partner and I get ahead of the game on research, coaching, and practice, but also on friendships! It was great to go into nationals knowing some people before hand." — Chesley Rowlett, Indiana

"Camp provides an environment conducive to learning and exploring new ideas and strategies. If you attend a camp, prepare to have your eyes opened to see holes in your debate cases and those of others like you never saw before. The catalyst camp provides to any debate competition is most definitely a valuable thing, worth your time and money." — Aaron Dykstra, California, 9th Place LDer at NITOC

"Going into NITOC 2013, I was definitely nervous for the challenge ahead of me. But then I learned of NITC—the amazing coaching, feedback, and debate drills (including the wonderful atmosphere of it all) made me feel completely ready and equipped! Everyone at Training Minds is so nice and welcoming, and I can’t wait to come back next year." — Taryn Murphy, California

"Although I have been to multiple training minds camps, NITC was by far the most helpful for me as a more advanced debater. The training leading up to NITOC helped me be more prepared and allowed me to debate at my full potential. Thanks to NITC, I went into NITOC feeling confident and prepared, and was able to have the most fun and rewarding tournament of the year. I strongly encourage everyone who qualifies to nationals to consider NITC. It will make you more prepared, fluent, and confident, just like it did for me." — Matthew Erickson, Colorado, 1st Place NITOC Champion Lincoln-Douglas

"I couldn’t believe how helpful the coach’s were in answering questions and sharing their experiences. I really appreciated the one on one time in particular and found it to be invaluable. I know I would not have done as well as I did at NITOC if it hadn’t been for NITC. Thanks Training Minds for getting me ready for NITOC!" — Zack Seals, California, NITOC 5th Place Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Ranked 8th in the Nation 2012

"To be honest, I went into NITC not having very high expectations. But I got just the opposite from what I had foreseen. NITC helped me come from being a nobody, to 7th LDer at NITOC!" — Phillip Allevato, Colorado, NITOC 5th Place Lincoln-Douglas Debate, 1st Year Debater in 2012

"Great way to make friends and warm up for Nationals at the same time! Thank-you for a wonderful two days!" — Jennifer Woolsey, Texas

"NITC. Awesome. Recommended for all debaters." — Joshua Tey, California

"I am so glad that I decided to participate in Training Minds Ministry’s pre-nationals camp, NITC! Last year was my first national competition experience, and frankly, I was a little overwhelmed going into it! But NITC helped me feel much less overwhelmed and better prepared for NITOC. I was able to use the Team-Policy NITC Society research on cases that I had never heard of in my area and the NITC camp in San Diego definitely reduced my pre-tournament jitters. I would encourage all debaters competing at nationals to participate in NITC. — Melissa Lueken, Illinois

"The difficult circumstance every competitor faces in approaching Nationals is that they usually come in a little rusty, not having competed for a month or so. NITC is what lubricates and eliminates the rust. Not only does is it offer a time for practice and feedback from amazing coaches, NITC provides lectures on advanced strategies that prepare competitors to focus and take their upcoming rounds by the horns." — Luis Garcia, California, Apologetics Title Winner

"The great thing about NITC is that the camp does not end after the 2 days. The coaches are still present to guide you and help coach you throughout the tournament. Overall, the contacts formed with both the coaches and the competitors proved critically important at the National Tournament." — Jon Bateman, Illinois, Title Winner of NITOC

"Attending NITC was a great experience in my nationals preparation. The coaches were encouraging and very helpful, with lots of advice and feedback. Working, prepping, (and debating!) with friends was a highlight of NITC. This was a wonderful help to me, and I would recommend it!" — Elena Trueba, California, 7th Place LDer in 2010 and Sweepstakes Winner of 2012 NITOC

"Come to NITC! Come to NITC! Come to NITC! Second only to debate camp, this was the best investment I made all season. I showed up because I had heard that it was helpful in preparing for Nationals…but I didn’t understand just HOW beneficial it is until I came and experienced it for myself. I received invaluable insight from the coaches along with students who have an obvious drive for excellence, while in a fun and engaging atmosphere that I am looking forward to experiencing again. If you want to meet your goals at the biggest tournament of the season, make a little extra effort and come to NITC…Believe me, it will be TOTALLY worth it! Thank you, Training Minds, for making my first Nationals experience a truly satisfying one!" — Lauren Blankenship, California, 6th Place LDer at NITOC

"It has been fun and VERY productive working with ALL of the NITC debaters this year. Esther and I have been working hard, but we know that without the help of the Blue Book coaches and the NITC debaters who put in countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears helping us out, that we would not be where we are today. I have been to nationals three straight years in a row, but the level of chemistry and support I have received both in pre-nationals prep as well as the inter-tournament spirit of encouragement, prayers, and conversations were UNMATCHED this year with NITC! I can honestly say, at least on Esther’s and my behalf, that any and all success we experience is a direct result of the investments Training Minds and NITC have made in us. Thank you ALL again and happy hunting for those still in the race." — Nicolas Townes & Esther Townes, Nationals Semi-Finalists, 3rd Place in the Nation

"NITC helped me take that final step beyond what I could do personally. I had learned, researched, and practiced, but I was able to go deeper and apply it thanks to NITC. Additionally, the resources in the final Red Book were incredibly valuable. Attending NITC should be extra motivation to qualify to nationals!" — Kaitlin Nelson, 2nd Place Extemp at Nationals, 4th Place Lincoln-Douglas Speaker at Nationals, 7th Place LDer in the Nation

"Being at NITC in the days prior to the National Championship gave me the preparation and that last edge needed to be a national contender. Thank you so much for this experience!" — Landon Webber, Louisiana, 3rd Place Speaker at Nationals, Quarter-finalist at Nationals

"Debaters who have qualified to nationals will benefit from NITC. I can personally vouch for how amazing Cody is as a coach. NITC is definitely a level up from the pre-season camps, and I know it put me over the top." — Jon Chi Lou, California, 3rd Place Lincoln-Douglas Debater