Your Coaches: Vance Trefethen and Chris Jeub

Vance Trefethen is your head coach, and Chris Jeub will be assisting him along the way. Vance is one of the most sought-after coaches in the country for policy debate, and Chris is president of Training Minds Ministry and publisher of Monument Member source material. Together Vance and Chris has published thousands of debate briefs for debaters in several different debate leagues.

We believe there are no better coaches for your NITOC experience than Coach Vance Trefethen and Coach Chris Jeub.

Your coaches will be working with students on necessary prep work for NITOC. This special NITC group will share flows and research to build a repository of evidence briefs for the various cases on the Stoa circuit. The hard work gathered will be assembled to be the "final installment" to Monument Publishing's "Monument Membership" for policy debate in Stoa.

Your Prep: The NITC Society

Upon registration, you will be included in The NITC Society. Together with other debate teams, you will spend the few weeks up to NITOC preparing for your competition. The NITC Society opens April 30.

Included in your prep, you will be...

  • Exchanging flows
  • Gathering regional intelligence
  • First-time access to Coach Vance's briefs
  • Having your cases assessed
  • Specifically preparing for arguments run at NITOC

The ultimate goal is to be the most prepared policy debate team at NITOC! You are ready for action, and NITC is ready for you.

Your Source Material: Policy Member Final Installment

As you know, Monument Memberships releases weekly source material for policy debaters in Stoa. Monument Publishing is 100% behind NITC and is leveraging its tried-and-true techniques to aid you going into your nationals competition.

By the time we gather at Point Loma, debaters will have assembled brief material that will be their most valuable asset. Imagine entering NITOC with a binder of evidence briefs for every imaginable case in the country?

See an example of what this publication will do by clicking 2014 Blue Book Final Installment SAMPLING.pdf. This resource is worth the price of admission alone!

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